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I desember har vi kampanje på båndruller og bioposer!

Til kampanjen
Why choose us

We are proud to be able to deliver high quality equipment at competitive prices. To this day, there are still machines put up in the 80's in daily use.

Our extensive time in the industry as well as our partners and service / distributor networks spread throughout the country ensure you as a customer a professional and long-term cooperation with us as a supplier; No matter what waste solution you need, or where you need it.

Profitable solutions with a clear conscience!

... og sørger for at du tjener penger på det.

Agenturhuset is a total supplier of waste solutions, and represents exclusively Europe's most successful manufacturers.

We provide our services all over the country, have 24-hour phone service and we've been around for over 30 years.


One thing is to sell or rent a machine - but if it's not properly maintained, your enjoyment will be short-lived. Agenturhuset has its own service department and service partners in all regions of the country. We also have substitutes available if your machine can not be repaired on site.

We strive to immediately assist you if anything happens to your machine and we have service technicians on the team with over 20 years of experience. All our rental machines have maintenance included in the rental rate and we offer maintenance agreement upon purchase.


We have machines for sale and rent that handle your waste in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. Our equipment simplifies the sorting and handling of your waste.


Our machines ensure that you no longer have employees who spend hours dealing with waste / cardboard / plastic etc. Our solutions can be delivered with photo cell start and SMS alerts at full container.

Save space

A 10-cubic container quickly turns into a ball the size of a pallet.

Reduced shipping costs

Our machines ensure that you get a significantly reduced volume of waste, which in turn ensures that the need for pickup and transportation is reduced. Our equipment therefore pays for itself and is a measure that promotes the environment, simplifies your everyday lives and saves you money.