Bergmann 607

230v / 400v

Product information

Special charateristic of the BERGMANN Alpha-Pack-Bins are very high compaction results - due to the linear position of the compaction cylinder and the continuous filling in a large and easy-to-feed loading aperture, even if the container is currently in the compaction mode. Thus, very high compaction results are realised. Through the huge and easy-to-feed loading aperture, the container can be continuously filled, even if the container is currently in the compaction mode.

A standard feature of the Alpha-Pack-Bins is the automatic self-cleaning of the patented BERGMANN throw-over blade system. No manual, difficult and unhygienic cleaning of the compacting piston is required.

BERGMANN Alpha-Pack-Bins of the series 607 are available for roll-off skip loaders and have a low operating noise level. They have a well-developed design and technology and convince because of their low-maintenance operation.

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