Waste types

Food waste

Food rot and smell - but we have the solutions!

Whether you want to grind, separate, cool, compost or compress; We have the equipment for handling your food waste. Our equipment is used daily in hotels, large kitchens, canteens and in the grocery industry across the country. We have equipment for handling odor problems and shipping of wet waste.

We help you find cost-effective solutions - free of charge

Our industry experience is important when finding the optimal solutions for your business. Our machines simplify the handling of your food waste and reduce the number of transports. Proper waste management can also free up space that gives your business greater profitability. We will gladly assist you in choosing a carrier and obtaining offers.

Rent food waste equipment - save money

You can rent your equipment for handling food waste from us. A lease agreement is more flexible and makes it easier to swap out the machine when moving or changing needs. A lease agreement also includes service on your equipment. We have nationwide service on all our products

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