Nättraby press BP 30

230v / 400v

Product information

The natural choice for source sorting with maximum profitability! 

  • Reliable, easy to operate and cost-effective. 
  • The ball press is easy to use and works quietly, quickly and safely. 
  • It compresses cardboard, paper, plastic, canned food etc. 
  • BP 30 is a very quiet and reliable press. 
  • BP 30 has adjustable pressurized pressure - you decide how heavy the pressed balls should be. 
  • The press is very suitable for pressing plastic film and gives balls of approx. 70 kg. 
  • The press plate can be stopped under pressure against the ball, so that remaining air is effectively driven out of the ball and makes it even more compact. 
  • Stable and stackable balls provide good storage and transport economy. 
  • Thanks to the front aperture, the machine is easy to operate for everyone. 
  • The press is used by industries, shops, kiosks, fast food, restaurants, large kitchens, gas stations, schools and offices. 
  • Nattraby presses have been delivered in Norway from the early 70's and are still in daily use. 
  • Approved by the Labor Inspectorate for use by persons under 18 years. 
  • The ISO 9002 certificate shows our commitment to quality and service.

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