MBT Jumbo

230v / 400v

Product information

Compressor with large aperture and large piston that makes it perfect for you with bulky cardboard, for instance. Jumbo comes with either standard lid or split lid which makes it easy to set to ramp without additional adjustments. Examples of equipment that is standard on MBT Jumbo provided by Agenturhuset: 

- Output for both 220V and 400V power. 

- Rubber gasket in the back 

- Capacity sensor & Keystart 

- Different lid solutions - Standard lid (as depicted) or, for example "Booklock"  with a centered split in the middle and lid rises on each side. 

MBT Jumbo is available in 20m3, 18m3 and 16m3. 

Measurements: Length: 687cm (18m3 = 647cm 16m3 = 60.7cm) 

Width: 232cm 

Height: 251cm

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